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This menu is the most important, not only will you find answers here, you can also ask admins for their advice, and vote!

My Account

Here you can change your account settings and profile. There are 4 categories;

My Account

The general statistics of your account, your progress and your work experience. This is an important page where you will look back on lots of times. For more detailed information, click here.

My Achievements

You can find your position in the mafia-world, there are several parts, like rank point position, bust-out position, etc.
Example: Rank Points: #1 would mean that player is the number one player ingame in that category, the number #200 is the 200th on the list.

My settings

From here you can go to your profile.
You can set or change your kill password, set up your testament, add or delete friends and you can activate the holiday mode. For more detailed information about this page, click here.

Accounts Overview

Here you can change several things, your language, your date of birth, password and theme. You also have an overview of all your accounts and tickets.

More info can be found Here.


If you need help with the game, want to report a scripter, share, or dupe account, you can open a ticket in the Ticket system.
However, first take a good look if the question you want to ask isn't already answered in this F.A.Q.
A crew member will help you with your problem, but please do give us some time to answer it, we're not machines.
It is useful to read some of the public tickets every now and then, to stay updated on bugs or to learn about new things.

You can find a link to this F.A.Q. there.

Before you make a ticket, make sure you have read the rules of the ticket system.

More info about this can be found Here.

Support Omerta

As a way to show your appreciation and how great you think this multiplayer game is, you can support Omerta by donating a small amount of money.

The advantages

  • Your click limit will be raised to 40 instead of the usual 11.
  • You can store 30 messages in your inbox and you can have 30 friends in your friendlist.

Each donation code is valid for a period of 28 days after activation.

If you choose, you can also buy 2 donating codes, which would make you donating+ (donating gold) member.
The extra advantages of being a donating+ member instead of a donating member are:

  • You can have 40 friends in your friends list.
  • You can store 50 messages in your inbox instead of the 30 for a normal donator.
  • Double quote length on your user profile, 4096 characters instead of 2048.
  • Personalize your Omerta with different colour themes.

On the Support Omerta page you will find several ways of donating real money.
Make sure to choose a method that is available for your country flag. If the method that you would like to use doesn´t support your country, there´s always the possibility to buy your donating code(s) on Obay, with Omerta dollars.

Note.png We do not give elite options to donating members. If a donating member is cheating or duping they will be punished!
Note.png Donation codes bought from obay expire when your account dies, neither can you export them to another version as to where you bought it. Donation codes bought by any paying method are still valid.

More info can be found Here.


USMS stands for User Suggestion Management System. Players who are donate+ can add suggestions, and *all* players can vote for or against suggestions. Use your vote wisely, you can only vote twice a day! The first time you'll have the choice to vote for or against a suggestion, your second vote can only be for!

If you are willing to add your suggestion, be sure to watch on your language, crewmembers might not approve it if you don't!

More info can be found Here.

Vote of the day (VOTD)

Here you get your anonymous say on things both jovial and serious in this great mmorpg.
The admins will take notice, so be as genuine as you can.
If you want to bring up a good suggestion for the VOTD yourself, send an ingame message to Bramblerose or Brando with your question and possible answers.

More detailed info can be found Here.

Menu: Crime


You can start making some money by starting in the crime business.
At first you will only succeed in stealing lunch money from kindergarten children but give it a few days and you will be able to do most of the crimes without getting caught as often.

Note.png The percentages you see give you a hint as to what crime option has the biggest chance of succeeding.

More info can be found Here.

Nick a car

Here you can nick some cars which you can sell, or use for car races or group crimes. If you succeed, you will get additional rank points. The higher the percentage, the more chance you'll have in getting away with it. However it can also happen that you get caught by the police and put behind bars.

More info can be found Here.


Since game version 3.3 a page about your own lackeys is added here. You will be able to hire and fire your lackeys on this page, as well can you arrange minor settings for their behavior. You can choose whether they buy themselves out with your money or not, send them money to do so, send them more credits, and much more.

More info can be found Here


The place you will be in a lot, especially in the beginning. In the jail page you can try to bust someone else out. Ways to end up in jail are:

  • Trying to smuggle booze or narcotics.
  • Getting caught doing a crime.
  • Getting arrested when nicking a car.
  • Getting very unlucky while doing a heist.
  • Getting very unlucky while doing a mega oc.
  • Failing to bust someone out of jail (only Godfathers and First Ladies can bust people out without ending up in jail).

When you have successfully busted 5,000 other people out of jail and you go to jail, it is possible to try and bust yourself out. Watch out: If you get caught trying to break out of jail, you will have to do even more time!

More info can be found Here.


On this page you can buy some booze and narcotics and do some bootlegging by traveling from place to place buying and selling booze and narcotics.
With this you can gain rank progress and profit, you can gain rank progress for this once an hour.

Dealing in booze and narcotics does become easier as you rank, be prepared to spend time in jail.
Since narcotics are even more dangerous to smuggle, the risk of getting caught by the police is bigger in comparison to booze smuggling!
Like booze you will get caught a lot in the beginning, but it does and will become easier the more you try to buy, sell, and rank.
Use your status page to keep track of when you are able to earn rank progress from buying and selling.

Note.png 1: You can only carry a certain amount of booze/narcotics depending on what rank you are, you can see these amounts on the smuggling page or go to FAQ page Handy Game Info.

Note.png 2: On the smuggling page you can click Current Booze/Narcotics Prices to see the current booze and narcotics prices in every city. This page is where you can see which city to travel to so you can buy/sell to make the most profit.

More info can be found Here.


Travelling is used for different purposes:

When travelling you will also gain a little rank progress and health points. The amount of health you gain with travelling decreases as your rank grows (but will always be at least 1%).

More info about this can be found Here.

Group Crimes

On this page you will find all the crimes you can do together with other people.
On the IRC chat there are official channels where you can find partners for these crimes.
You can find them in #heist, #orgcrime or #spotraid

There are four different group crimes you can do. Three of them require a minimum rank.

Group crime Minimum rank Number of participants
Route 66 Heist Shoplifter 2
Organised Crime Thief 4
Mega OC Assassin 8
Raid a business Any rank with a family 2

Route 66 Heist

A route 66 heist is done by two people. A leader who starts the Route 66 heist and a driver, each person plays their own specific part in a Route 66 heist. The leader can bring a gun and bullets , and the driver brings the car for the getaway. The leader begins by inviting the driver and informing them so they can accept, after acceptance, the driver puts in the car, the leader then starts the heist. When the heist is completed, you will be taken to a page where you see results and are able to click "Make Transfer" and it will automatically send the correct amount to the driver. If there were any losses in the heist, they will automatically be taken from the profits as a whole before they are split. You will notice that you can both earn and lose things while doing a heist. Sometimes you may gain only cars or narcotics, to be able to send the driver their share, you will need to have the cash on you or sell these to have enough money in pocket. So keep in mind pocket money while heisting!

If you want to submit a self-written heist scenario, please do so by opening a ticket in the Ticket-System with your suggestion and maybe it will be used as a heist in the future!

More info can be found Here.

Organised Crime

An organised crime has four participants:

  • A leader who starts the organised crime, but also receives all of the profit and sends it to participants (costs for the leader are $25.000).
  • A weapons expert, who has to finance 1 or 2 Tommy guns ($25.000 a Tommy gun), and between 1 and 100 bullets.
  • An explosives expert, who can choose between buying TNT and C4. C4 will cost him $40.000 and TNT just $20.000. With C4 the Organised Crime will have a higher profit than with TNT
  • A driver, who needs to put in a car of his in the city the Organised Crime will take place, ideally the best car with no damage.

Every person has his own part in the crime and must be in the same city, the leader makes sure there is a safe house to hide in and splits up the money, the weapon expert brings the guns and the bullets, the explosives expert will make sure the safe will be blown up and the driver makes sure you can return to the safe house. Calculations for the splits are all done for the leader and automatically include the cost of items the participants put in, so the leader can click "Make Transfer" for everyone easily without having to use a calculator. The better ranks that are involved in the organised crime and the more money put into the organised crime will make the profit higher.

Note.png You will loose all items/money that you put into the organised crime!

More info can be found Here.

Mega OC

A Mega OC is almost the same as an Organised Crime, but it´s done on a larger scale. Assassins and higher can do a Mega OC once every three days. It has higher risks and bigger profits; you can gain money, get jailed and get injured (you can't die). You will need eight people instead of four:

  • A leader who organizes the crime and receives all of the profits. Costs for the leader are $750,000.
  • Three drivers and one of them should be driving a truck.
  • Three weapon experts, who will lose their gun bought in the shop after a Mega OC.
  • An Explosives Expert who can choose between EPE, TNT and C4.

More info can he found Here.

Raid a spot

A raid needs 2 players that are part of a family. The 2 participants don't have to belong to the same family. If the raid a spot is succesful participants will earn some money. It is also possible to lose health.

The main purpose of raids is to deny rival families the benefits they gain from their businesses. You might want to ask your family top what they want you to raid.

Families can only own spots in the city where the family is located.

More info can be found Here.


Killing a gangster is not always an easy task.. First you have to search for them,
You can only shoot a maximum of 60,000 bullets though. Be careful, they might have backfire on, and could get you killed as well.
The victim can shoot back twice as hard as you did, if he has that many bullets (remember that for backfire there is also a maximum of 60.000 bullets that can be fired).
When you kill someone, you will receive all of their pocket money.

Killing Rules:

  • You may only shoot 2 ranks above your own rank, and 2 rank below UNLESS
    • You are in a family and set as the hammer and your target is in the same family.
    • Your target has been on the hitlist for more than 24 hours.

Note.png During the first 48 Hours you will be under protection. You cannot be shot at and are unable to shoot at anyone.


Once you're ready to kill your opponent, first you need to find them, and this is the place to do so! You can hire detectives in every city which will search for your opponent, when they have found him/her they will report to your inbox, and keep track of their movements for 2 hours.

Note.png The normal price for detectives is 2000$ per detective however it increases for 1$ per each 10 honorpoints the target has.

Note.png it discounts 25% if your don is CDTC.

Note.png When the target is 2 ranks lower it also discounts again the 1$ per 10 honor points the target has


The costs of the safehouse are calculated with the following formula: ($100*min^2)
This means if you want to go to safehouse for 60 minutes, you calculate it like this: 60 * 60 * $100 = $360.000
In case you want to go for 30 minutes, you calculate it like this: 30 * 30 * $100 = $90.000


Keep in mind, when you kill someone , a random person online in the city will receive a wittnes statement telling that you killed the user in question . Finally, with Joe, up to three other people your opponent has selected will receive the statement. So be aware your kill will not be unnoticed.

More info can be found Here.

Menu: Communication


Any messages sent to you can be found in your inbox. A flashing envelope in the top bar is how Omerta alerts you to unread messages. Clicking on it will lead you to your inbox. Keep in mind there is a maximum amount of messages can be stored in your inbox, depending on your donating status! If you want to send a message, click Compose, all the messages you have sent, can be found in your Outbox.

More info can be found Here.


To get on our IRC chat server, you can either use Mibbit trough chat in your menu, or by installing mIRC which has been set up for use on our server. Click here for mIRC

More info can be found Here.


The Forum is for remarks, help, or questions to fellow members about the game. You can also look for heist/oc/race partners on the forum. Make sure you post your messages in the right sub forum, to prevent them from being removed by a crewmember. Note: be careful with posting in the forum. First read and follow the forum rules, if you don't want to be punished by an admin A few basic rules for using the forum:

  • The only language that can be used in the forum is English! That also counts for the Rip forum and other forum topics!
  • No racism of any kind!
  • No numbering games in the News items, like #1 and jiehaa FIRST! and any of those forms that do not have anything to add to the news items and are only there to frustrate the crew and the players that do have something serious to add.
  • We will not act on every word of fuck, bastard or you telling in a rip forum how much you hate someone etc. This is still a mafia game and we sell drugs and kill people in this game, but think before you post a message. We do act if it is getting too offensive or personal.

The latest news from the crew can be found in the latest news. The most recent topics are shown on your right menu.

Note.png 1: It is up to the crew to decide what can or can not be posted. If you see any post that you think should be deleted or closed, contact a crew member.

Note.png 2: If you should post anything that is against any of these rules, you could risk a forum ban, account punish or even an admin kill.

SMS Messaging

You'll find 4 tabs here;

SMS Registration

Registering for SMS alerts allows other people in-game to send messages directly to your mobile phone (if you allow it), lets Omerta send you messages (if you allow it, things like when someone kills you), and allows you to send messages to the mobile phones of both your in-game friends (if they allow it) and any other friends across the world!

Once you register your mobile phone with Omerta we will tie your registration to your email address. That way, if you die and sign up again with the same email address you will get to keep any SMS credits you have.

Note.png You should enter your mobile telephonenumber as : country-code + phonenumber , without + or 00

Note.png country-codes can be found with google, for example at http://www.happychild.org.uk/countries/A.htm

SMS Settings

Here you can change your settings for recieving SMS messages. You can choose to block or unblock these settings:

  • Receive SMS from all users
  • Receive SMS from friends
  • Receive SMS from crew
  • Receive automated notifications about your account
  • Receive automated notifications about friends accounts

More information about the last two choices:
Receive automated notifications about friends accounts
Which provides the following notifications:

  • Friend died
  • Husband/wife died
  • Testament received

Receive automated notifications about your account
Which provides the following notifications:

  • You won the Lottery jackpot
  • Someone shot you
  • Someone hitlisted you
  • You lost your Casino or Bullet factory
  • You succeeded your Don

Send SMS

Here you can send a SMS to a user that is also registered for the SMS service.

Note.png This can also be done by clicking on the 'Send SMS' link on a usersprofile

SMS Credits

Here you can view the remaining credits of your SMS service.
Its also possible to buy new credits in here.

Menu: City

This is the city your hanging around in, look around when you have time!

City map



The bank can be used for 3 things: transfer money to and from your bank account, transfer money to your family bank account or transfer money to other members of the game.

  • When transferring money, please note that there is a transfer fee of 10%. This means if you send $111 for example, the receiver will only get $100.
  • On this page you will also be able to see the last 50 transfers from and to other users in the game.
  • If you put money on your bank, you´ll get interest over the amount of money that´s left on your bank after 24 hours. In the meanwhile you can take money off your bank. You can add more money to your bank, however then the 24 hours for interest will start over again.

More info can be found Here.


There are various items which can be bought in the shop spread over tabs;

More info can be found Here.


Here you can see what you ordered or bought.


Here you can buy weapons, weapons give you a higher chance to Kill other players. Remember you can only have 1 handgun and 1 tommy gun.


Here you can buy a vest or suit to protect yourself against kill attempts.


Transport gives you extra protection against kill attempts, and also gives you a bonus when you attack other players. Remember you can have only 1 transport vehicle per city.


Planes allow you to travel across the continents and access cities you cant visit by train, they can also lower your travel time.


These provide you with extra protection against attacks. Bear in mind you can only have 1 villa across all cities though, so choose your home wisely.


Here you can buy and train bodyguards. Every bodyguards has his own specialty. It's wise to over think who you hire to get the perfect balance in what specialties you find important.

More information can be found Here.


The bloodbank will get blood from the locals every 10 minutes, you will need this, to repair your health status:

  • If some gangster decides to shoot you
  • You have had a bad heist, moc or spot raid
  • If you have crashed during a race

Note.png You can only use the bloodbank every 30 minutes.


You can buy bullets from the local mob, or from the family that owns the factory in the city you are.
The local mafia bring out their bullets every 1 or 2 minutes. The price that they are available for is completely random. Keep in mind you can only buy 5000 bullets here each 24 hours.
If your family owns the bullet factory they will recieve 100% of the money of the sold bullets as profit.

  • When raided to 0% the object will be out of business.
  • When the owner can't pay out the raid, the object will go bankrupt.
  • When the Bullet Factory is out of business or bankrupt the owner can't produce any bullets.
  • The players can still buy bullets, IF there are bullets left in the Bullet Factory</li>


    In the garage you can see all the cars you have stolen in the game. Options you have in the garage are:

    • Seeing extra information about certain cars in your garage
    • Shipping cars to other cities
    • Selling your cars
    • Repairing your cars
    • Moving your cars into a safehouse
    • Crushing cars (when your family has hired a crusher)
    • Local crush (crushing when you are famless)
    • Select cars for several options in the game

    Moving your car in a safehouse means it cannot be taken away from you by the feds, but remember, nothing is without a price!,
    Safehousing is useful for cars you might want to use for a heist, OC, MOC, or race. Different cars have different qualities, and one car might be great at using in a race, but perform badly in a group crime, while another car has the exact opposite effect.
    It's up to the users to find out what to use for what. Think you are up for the challenge?


    This is the ultimate place to Gamble.
    The place to lose everything you have or get very rich and maybe even get your own casino object.
    Chose your favourite game or the one that you think will make you fast money and place your bets!

    Casino Objects:

    • Blackjack: Blackjack, the first card game on Omerta! Play your best hand of cards, and hope you can beat the dealer! Be sure to read the blackjack rules before starting this game! Have in mind there are more then one decks of cards with the dealer.
    • Slot Machine: The slots machine is most probably the best known casino game in Vegas, next to the roulette. Just like in Vegas the chances of winning are not that big, but if you win, you win big!
    • Numbers Game: Probably the simplest casino around: bet on a number between 1 and 10. If you get lucky, and got the right number, the payout will be x9! So if you bet 1.000 dollars and win, you’ll be able to cash 9.000 dollars! It's a big payout, but don’t forget: it's also a 1 in 10 chance to win.
    • Roulette: The roulette is a popular option in the game; you can score big money with it, or lose it all. An owner sets the maximum bet for his roulette.
    • Punto Banco: Punto Banco literally refers to the two opposing sides; player and bank. It is derived from Baccarat, one of the most popular casino games in the world. In Punto Banco the only decision that the player needs to make is where to place his bet. Once this has been done, the game unfolds and you either win, lose or draw.
    • Poker: A 5 card draw variation of poker (multiplayer)

    Also read the Casino page for detailed information about casino games.

    The local mob also has some games:

    • Lottery: Nobody owns this lottery. You can buy a ticket (or more) for 10.000 dollar a piece. You might win some money, bullets or a 0% damage top notch car.
    • Scratch and Win: Play this game to win up to 1 million dollar! A scratch card can be bought for 5.000 dollars. Only thing you have to do is scratch, and pray that you will get 3 fields that have the same amount of dollars on it.

    Note.png Please make sure that you have Macromedia Flash before playing this game, so you won’t have the risk of losing $ 5.000 for nothing.

    More info about the different games can be found Here.

    Car races

    To try your luck on the car races, just invite one or more people to race with you. You can do a practice race, a race for money or for the cars in the race. Because of your desire to win, your car will always be damaged after a race. After winning a race you will gain race form, 2.5% for every person you won from. Your raceform will go down after some time and when you lose a race. To keep your raceform high it´s important to keep racing, and winning!

    Note.png Racing for money will mean that all cars in the race will be lost.

    More info can be found Here.


    On obay you can buy and sell almost everything you want, making money with your cars, or even selling donation codes! Even witness statements can be sold!
    When the seller dies before the auction is over, all buyers get their money back. Make sure to place your bets 20 seconds before the auction ends.

    When your buying or selling on obay you will be informed in your inbox, if there is a higher bid then you placed or if you got the item.

    If you buy a Bodyguard which requires a certain rank, or amount of network points, you cannot train them before you have the right rank or the right amount of network points.

    Note.png Always note down your donation code when you are going to sell it on obay, you won't receive it in a message when you didn't sell it!

    More info can be found Here.

    Menu: Family

    Recruitment Centre

    When you haven't got a family yet, this is the place to look! The 20 families with the most available space are shown here. Look around and contact the family you like, mostly they do have some requirements, you can find more info on their family page!

    Family Creation

    You can create a family by buying a headquarter.

    More info can be found Here.

    Menu: Other

    Everything we couldn't give a place, is placed here, but that doesn't mean it's less interesting!


    This page allows you to set up networks and send honour points to other players.

    Network points: When you choose a mentor or someone chooses you, you become part of a network. In a network, players gain points according to their rank and pass part of those on to their mentor. the mentorpoints lost their function in the game , so now it is to show respect only .

    Honour points: Each week you will be able to send honour points to other players, depending on your rank. Honour points are mainly a way to show your appreciation of and respect for other players, but they also have effects in the game itself.

    More info can be found Here.


    A link to the wedding and divorce options. To get married you, your partner and witnesses will need a minimum rank of Mobster. If you are male you can propose to the woman you love through this option. If you are a female, you can set whether you would like to receive wedding proposals or not. To be able to marry you both need a apartment/house/villa in the city where the marriage will take place. Costs of the wedding vary from $250.000 to $2.500.000. You need 2 witnesses for the ceremony, they can give you wedding gifts.

    Note.png An apartment has no timer upon purchase and will work for marriage.

    More info can be found Here.


    Scared of getting killed by backfire or don't have the bullets?
    Or maybe you don't want other people to know that you want someone dead?
    Then the hitlist is a great option. Just place the player on the hitlist for a reasonable amount of money and wait until he gets shot.
    You can add a person anonymously but note that an anonymous hitlist will cost you 25% more. If you kill someone who is on the hitlist you will receive the money in cash. To buy someone off the list it will take you twice as much money as the victim was hitlisted for.

    While viewing the hitlist, players with an asterisk (*) can be killed by any rank, as they have been on the hitlist for longer than 24 hours.

    Note.png Even hitlisting someone anonymously will have a risk. It is possible to find out who hitlisted a person by paying a large amount. It is not allowed to make a dupe-account in order to hitlist someone without people knowing who you really are. This will result in a kill/punishment and removal of the person hitlisted.

    More info can be found Here.


    The pillory is also known as The Hall of Shame.
    Being here is the worst thing you can imagine as a gangster. People can throw tomatoes at these bastards for $1.000 a piece. They will lose 1% health for every tomato thrown at them. When they have no health left they will die from just one simple tomato. The lucky gangster that has thrown the fatal tomato will receive %25 of their pocket cash!

    Note.png Only crewmembers can put someone on the pillory and they will not do it on request.

    More info about this can be found Here.


    In the Arcade you can play some games when you're bored, or need to wait your time out in jail for the next couple of minutes.

    Note.png High scores don't get saved!

    More info can be found Here.


    Statistics are spread over 3 tabs;

    More info can be found Here.

    Game Statistics

    Here you'll find the general game statistics!

    Who's Online

    Here you'll find all the online users and crew members!

    All Users

    Here you'll find all the registered players, which can be sorted by name and rank.

    Quick Lookup

    Click here to search for users and view their profiles. Keep in mind that you can only search for players that play the same version as you do, so you won´t find people that play .nl in .com.