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Getting Started

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Note.png This is only a brief guide, explaining some of the basics of the game to get you started. More detailed links are at the bottom of this page.


Rank Points

To rank up in Omerta to become a Don you need rankpoints.

To keep track of your progress you should take a look on the “My Account” page in the menu on the left side.

In order to get rankpoints you need to do crimes. You can do these on the menu on the left in the Crime section.

Crimes and Car Thefts

On the “Crimes” and “Nick a Car” page you select the job with the highest chance, fill in the code and press the “Go for it” button.

You should do these crimes now because after you have done a crime you need to get some energy again before you can do the same job again.

How do you do that? Simple: Just wait 90 seconds. Find something else to do while you wait...

After doing a regular crime you need to wait around 90 seconds and around 300 seconds before you can try to steal a car again.

If you managed to steal a car it will be in your “Garage” – take a look! You should sell it if it is worth more then $1,000 else you can keep it to make bullets from (once you are higher ranked).


If you get sent to Jail there is no need to panic you should be released again soon because you are still starting your criminal career.

The higher ranked players are in jail for a much longer time, and you can help them out!

Click on “Jail” in the menu (still in the crime section so you get rankpoints for this). At the bottom of the page enable the bust & buy out message setting(this way you can get rewarded by other players if you manage to bust someone out). To bust simply select a person, type in the code and press the “Bust out” button. Don't forget to do a regular crime or attemp to steal a car!


Most money in the game get earned by smuggling booze & narcotics, this is a job which requires a lot of training or else you spend more time in jail then you see your own mother.

It is recommend to begin trying this from the very start of the game.

How do you do that?

Go to the “Smuggling” page (crime on the menu), on this page you see how many units you can carry. Select this many units of booze/narcotics with the lowest price and select buy, type in the code and press on the Buy/Sell button.

Repeat this till you succeed into buying the units.

Then “Travel” to a nearby town where you can sell the booze or narcs for more money – and sell your stash at a profit!

Repeat this while you are doing crimes and stealing cars.

Play with others and get more help

Playing a game on your own isn't as fun. Start up the Chat (you can find the page under the “Communication” section). You can ask your questions about the game there or by sending in a ticket to the help center here http://www.barafranca.com/tickets/

Every page of the game has its own wiki page which you can find here. These pages are in the same order as the menu and they will explain what you can do and how to use each page in the game in detail.