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Help channel rules

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The official omerta help channel, #help
Here you can speak to crew members about ingame problems, report bugs, and dupers or any other issues related to ingame.
When you enter the channel, you will have to wait for a crew member to give you a voice + please keep your questions as clear and precise as possible.
Give the crew member dealing with your problem some time, as they may need to do some checks before they can give you an answer.

Note.png 1: Crew are the only people with ops/halfops, please DO NOT PM the crew without permission.

Note.png 2: DO NOT paste any links in Help channel, it will get you banned !! (except links who are directly related to the game, like logs, pictures, print screens).

Note.png 3: Be carefull with information that is for crew-eyes only, other players that are waiting in #help can read your lines. If you need to give information to the crew, ask the crew member that is helping you if you may PM him/her.

Note.png 4: DO NOT nickchange in this channel.