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IRC/HOWTO:Register your nick

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NickServ allows you to register your nickname and take ownership of that nickname. Registering your nickname allows you to proof your identity to other users. It will also give channel owners the opportunity to give you permanent access in their channel.

This article will guide you through the registration process step by step. At the end, we'll explain some usefull settings and comands.

Note: In this guide we will use /msg nickserv to send commands to NickServ. Most IRC Clients however also allow the use of /nickserv or /ns.


Step 1: Choose a nickname

The first thing you will have to do is choose the nickname you want to register.
You can change your nickname with the /NICK-command.




 /nick GIJOE

Already Registered

If the nickname is already registered, NickServ will send you the following notice:

  -NickServ- This nickname is registered. Please choose a different nickname, or identify via /msg NickServ identify <password>.

This means that someone else already registered this nickname and you will have to choose another one.

NICK.users.omerta or NICK-NUMBER.users.omerta

One thing to keep in mind while choosing a nickname, is that nicknames with special characters, like `, |, [, ], ^, ` and _. will have an altered .users.omerta-host. Normally, the host will be NICK.users.omerta with NICK being the accountname. Accountnames that contain anything other than letters, digits and -, will have hosts with the special characters removed and a unique number attached instead.


If we were to register GIJOE, our host would be GIJOE.users.omerta.

If we however register GJ[JOE], our host will become GIJOE-3536.users.omerta.

Step 2: Register your nickname

Now that you have chosen a nickname it is time to register your nickname with NickServ.


 /msg nickserv register PASSWORD E-MAIL

PASSWORD is a strong self-made password. This password is case-sensitive. Do NOT give this password to anyone. Crew will also NEVER ask you for your password.
Note: Chosing a weak password, for example your nick or just password, is very dangerous. It is your own fault if your account gets taken over by this. The IRC Crew cannot undo damage that takeovers cause.

E-MAIL is your real e-mailaddress. A verificationmail will be send here. If you enter a fake address, you will not be able to complete your registration. This e-mailaddress will also be used by the IRC Crew to contact you, for example if you have lost your password.
Note: Disposable mails (e.g. mailinator) are not allowed.


 /msg nickserv register I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe gijoe@hotmail.com

If succesfull, NickServ will answer the following:

 -NickServ- An email containing nickname activation instructions has been sent to gijoe@hotmail.com.
 -NickServ- If you do not complete registration within one day, your nickname will expire.
 -NickServ- GIJoe is now registered to gijoe@hotmail.com, with the password I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe.

Incorrect E-mailaddress

If you have entered the wrong e-mailaddress or if you've made a mistake while typing it, you can cancel your registration and try again.

To cancel your registrion, use the DROP-command:


 /msg nickserv drop NICK PASSWORD


 /msg nickserv drop GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

Repeat step 2 and enter the correct e-mail.

Step 3: Verify your registration

The next step is to verify your registration.

Go to the e-mailaddress you entered in step 2 and look for a mail from Omerta automailer <noreply.irc@barafranca.com>.
If you cannot find the e-mail, also check your Spambox.

The mail will look like this:

 In order to complete your registration, you must send the following
 command on IRC:
 /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER GIJoe smjszaxqffbl
 Thank you for registering your nickname on the Omerta IRC network!
 Thank you for your interest in the Omerta IRC network.

You need the verify command in the mail:

 /msg NickServ VERIFY REGISTER GIJoe smjszaxqffbl

Note: GIJoe will be the nickname you registered smjszaxqffbl is a unique code that will be different in your e-mail.

Type this command on IRC. Do not forget the slash (/) at the front.

When succesfull, NickServ will answer the following:

 -NickServ- GIJoe has now been verified.
 -NickServ- Thank you for verifying your e-mail address! You have taken steps in ensuring that your registrations are not exploited.

Depending on which IRC Client you use, you will also see a message that you have been logged in and that your host has been changed to your .users.omerta host.

Note: You have 24 hours to verify your registration. If you do not verify within those 24 hours, your registration will be cancelled and you have to register again.

"Please log in before attempting to verify your registration."

If NickServ tells you to log in before verifying your registrion, you can log in with the IDENTIFY-command.


 /msg nickserv identify NICKNAME PASSWORD

NICKNAME is the nickname you have registered and are tying to verify. PASSWORD is the password you entered in step 2, NOT the unique code you can find in the mail.


 /msg nickserv identify GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

No verificationmail

The verificationmail should arrive within a matter of minutes. During moments of high traffic to/from the Omerta Servers, this can however take up to several hours depending on the amount of traffic.
If you have however not received the mail within 6 hours, you can cancel your registration and try again.

To cancel your registrion, use the DROP-command:


 /msg nickserv drop NICK PASSWORD


 /msg nickserv drop GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

Repeat step 2 to try again. If you have another e-mailaddress, preferably with another mailprovider, it is recommended to use that one instead.

Step 4: Logging in

Next time you make connection to IRC, you do not have to register again. Your nickname will remain registered untill you delete it or untill you haven't logged in for 45 days.

All you will have to do is log in to your NickServ-account with the IDENTIFY-command.


 /msg nickserv identify NICKNAME PASSWORD

NICKNAME is the nickname you have registered. PASSWORD is the password you entered in step 2, NOT the unique code you can find in the verificationmail.


 /msg nickserv identify GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

Usefull Settings

Once your registration is completed, you can change some settings for your account. Listed here are the most used and most usefull settings.

See NickServ:Commands for all settings or type /ns help set on IRC to see all NickServ-settings.


You can change your password with the SET PASSWORD-command.


 /msg nickserv set password NEWPASSWORD

You only have to replace NEWPASSWORD with a new password.


 /msg nickserv set password iHat3Ch33Se-C4ke


By default, people can still use your registered nick when you are not using it. It will however never say they are logged in as you.

However, if you turn the enforce-setting on, people (including you) will have 30 seconds to log in. If someone using your nick is not logged in by the end of those 30 seconds, their nick will be changed to a Guest-nick and your nickname will be locked for 10 minutes. To unlock it, you can use the REGAIN-command.


 /msg nickserv set enforce ON|OFF


 /msg nickserv set enforce on
 /msg nickserv set enforce off

It is highly recommended to change this setting to on.

You can change the time to log in with the SET ENFORCETIME-command. Type /msg nickserv help set enforcetime for more info about this command.


You can change your e-mailaddress should you ever decide to use another one.


 /msg nickserv set email EMAILADDRESS


 /msg nickserv set email gijoa@gmail.com

You will receive a verificationmail, similar to the one you received to verify your registration, to confirm the change. If you do not confirm the change, your old emailaddress will still be used.

Note: You cannot use this command to change your e-mailaddress if you entered it incorrectly during registration. See Incorrect E-mailaddress for more info.

Usefull Commands

NickServ also has many commands you can use. Listed here are the most used and most usefull commands.

See NickServ:Commands for all commands or type /ns help on IRC to see all NickServ-commands.


You can use the info command to look up information about your own account.


 /msg nickserv info

This command can also be used to see a minimum amount of information about other users.


 /msg nickserv info NICKNAME

NICKNAME must be a registered nickname.


 /msg nickserv info Cobra


You can add up to 10 nicknames (including your primary nickname) to your NickServ-account. Any nickname added to your account will use the same settings (e.g. Enforce) and cannot be registered by other users.

To add a nickname to your account, first change your nickname to the nick you want to add with the /NICK-command. Next you can add that nickname to your account with the GROUP-command.


 /msg nickserv group

To remove a nickname from your account, you can use UNGROUP.


 /msg nickserv ungroup NICKNAME


 /msg nickserv ungroup GIJoe|Away


Sometimes you are unable to use one of your registered nicknames. This can be because someone else is using it, you have turned on Enforce, you got disconnected and your old connection (ghost) is still using the nickname, etc.
The REGAIN-command allows you to easily retake your nickname. This command changes the other users nick to a Guest-nick and changes your nick to nickname you are trying to regain.


 /msg nickserv regain NICKNAME PASSWORD (when you are not logged in)
 /msg nickserv regain NICKNAME (when you are already logged in)


 /msg nickserv regain GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe
 /msg nickserv regain GIJoe

Note: Due to a bug, you will have to execute this command twice in order to regain your nickname if someone else is using it.

List channels

To see the access you have in each channel, you can use the LISTCHANS-command.


 /msg nickserv listchans

The access shown are the flags you have in the channels. Type /msg chanserv help flags to see what each flag means.


To remove your NickServ-account, you can use the DROP-command.


 /msg nickserv drop NICKNAME PASSWORD


 /msg nickserv drop GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

Note: This command is permanent. Once your account has been deleted, it can not be recovered. In order to regain all your access, you will have to register the nickname again and ask channel owners to give you the access again.

Note: You must ungroup all additional nicks you have added to your account before you can remove your account.

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