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NickServ allows users to register a nickname and stop others from using that nick. NickServ allows the owner of a nickname to disconnect a user from the network who is using their nickname. If a registered nick is not used by the owner for 45 days, NickServ will drop the nickname, allowing it to be reregistered.

Note: In this faq we will use /msg nickserv to send commands to NickServ. Most IRC Clients however also allow the use of /nickserv or /ns.



How do I register my nickname?

You can register your nickname on IRC with the REGISTER-command. This will register your current nickname.


  /msg nickserv register PASSWORD E-MAIL

PASSWORD is a strong self-made password. Do NOT give this password to anyone. Crew will also NEVER ask you for your password.
E-MAIL is your real e-mailaddress. A verificationmail will be send here. If you enter a fake address, you will not be able to complete your registration. This e-mailaddress will also be used by the IRC Crew to contact you, for example if you have lost your password.


 /msg nickserv register I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe gijoe@hotmail.com

When this is succesfull, you will receive a mail with instructions to verify your registration. If you do not verify your registration within 24 hours, your registration will be cancelled.
Your registration will not be complete if you do not verify and you will not be able to join Registered-only channels.

Note: Chosing a weak password, for example your nick or just password, is very dangerous. It is your own fault if your account gets taken over by this. The IRC Crew cannot undo damage that takeovers cause.

Note: Disposable mails (e.g. mailinator) are not allowed.

For a full guide on registering, see HOWTO:Register your nick.

I did not get a verificationmail!

Not receiving the verificationmail can have several reasons: you entered an incorrect e-mailaddress, our mailserver is running behind and mails are delayed, your mailprovider blocked the e-mail, etc.

Normally the verificationmail should arrive within a matter of minutes. During moments of high traffic to/from the Omerta Servers, this can however take up to several hours depending on the amount of traffic.
If you have however not received the mail within 6 hours, you can cancel your registration and try again.

To cancel your registrion, use the DROP-command:


 /msg nickserv drop NICK PASSWORD


 /msg nickserv drop GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

Afterwards register again to try again. If you have another e-mailaddress, preferably with another mailprovider, it is recommended to use that one instead.

I entered the wrong e-mailaddress. Can I change it?

If you entered an invalid e-mailaddress during registration, all you can do is cancel your registration and register again.

To cancel your registrion, use the DROP-command:


 /msg nickserv drop NICK PASSWORD


 /msg nickserv drop GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

Afterwards register again with the correct address.

How do I delete my NickServ-account?

To remove your NickServ-account, you can use the DROP-command.


 /msg nickserv drop NICKNAME PASSWORD


 /msg nickserv drop GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

Note: This command is permanent. Once your account has been deleted, it can not be recovered. In order to regain all your access, you will have to register the nickname again and ask channel owners to give you the access again.

Note: You must ungroup all additional nicks you have added to your account before you can remove your account.

How long will does it take before an account gets deleted?

Accounts are removed if the owner does not log in for 45 days or if the account gets removed manually.

Can I change my accountname?

Yes, you can. You can change your accountname to any of the nicks you have grouped to your account.


 /msg nickserv set accountname NEWNAME


 /msg nickserv set accountname GIJane

Note: Your .users.omerta-host will not change. It will remain the host you got when you first registered your account.

Can I add more nicks to one account?

Yes, you can. You can add up to 10 nicks (including your primary nickname) to 1 account.

If you want to add another nick to your account, log in to your current account, change your nick with /nick NEWNICK and use the GROUP-command to finish the process.


 /msg nickserv group


 /nick Trace`gone
 /msg nickserv group

To remove a nickname, use the UNGROUP-command.


 /msg nickserv ungroup NICKNAME


 /msg nickserv ungroup Trace`gone

Do I have to register again when I die ingame?

No. IRC-accounts have got nothing to do with your ingame account. Your IRC-account will continue to exist and work even if you die ingame.
You don't even need an ingame account to be able to register on IRC!

Someone already registered a nickname I want. Can I get it?

Short answer: no.

If someone registered a nickname before you, then they are the rightful owner. IRC is not linked to ingame accountnames, so having an ingame that is the same doesn't give you more right on an IRC nickname.
Even if you had registered it in the past, but you lost it because you didn't log in for 45 days or you dropped the registration. If you wanted to keep it, you should have kept it registered.

You can always try asking the current owner if you can't have the nickname or wait till the nickname expires after 45 days of inactivity (not logging in).
To contact the owner, you can try sending a memo.

I registered but my account is gone!

If you only recently registered it, it is possible you forgot to verify your registration. If you do follow the instructions of the verificationmail within 24 hours after registering, your registration will be cancelled.

Registrations will also be deleted if you do not log in for 45 days.

The final option is that your account was in violation with our Network Rules or you got banned from IRC but kept evading. In such cases, the IRC Crew can decide to delete your account.


How do I log in?

You can log in with the IDENTIFY-command.


 /msg nickserv identify NICKNAME PASSWORD

NICKNAME is the nickname you have registered. PASSWORD is the password you entered during registration, NOT the unique code you can find in the verificationmail.


 /msg nickserv identify GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe

How do I log out?

You can log out with the LOGOUT-command.


 /msg nickserv logout

How do I change my password?

You can change your password with the SET PASSWORD-command.


 /msg nickserv set password NEWPASSWORD

You only have to replace NEWPASSWORD with a new password.


 /msg nickserv set password iHat3Ch33Se-C4ke

I forgot my password! What do I do now?

If you are still logged in, you can simply change it. See How do I change my password?. You cannot recover your old password.

If you are not logged in, then the only way to regain access to your account is by visiting #help.irc. The IRC Crew can e-mail you instructions to reset your password.

Note: This is an automated mail containing a unique code. It will be send to the e-mailaddress associated to your NickServ-account. If you no longer have access to this e-mailaddress, you will not be able to regain access to your password and you will have to wait 45 days untill your account gets removed.

What does "This nickname has been frozen by the Omerta Administration" mean?

The IRC Crew can decide to freeze accounts due to violation of the Network rules or because you are banned from IRC. This means that you will no longer be able to use your NickServ-account.

For more info on why your account has been frozen and how to get it back, send an e-mail to and include your NickServ accountname.


How do I see someones NickServ-username?

If a user on IRC is logged in to their NickServ-account, you can use /WHOIS to see their username.


 /whois NICKNAME


 /whois Cobra

How do I see what channels I have access to?

The LISTCHANS-command allows you to see channels you have access to, including those you own.


 /msg nickserv listchans

The access shown are the flags you have in the channels. Type /msg chanserv help flags to see what each flag means.

How do I view information about a nick?

INFO displays nickname information such as registration time, flags, and other details.

You can view info about the nick a user is logged in as by specifying an equals (=) sign followed by their nick. This '=' convention works with most commands.
To view information about your own account, you do not have to fill in a nickname.


 /msg nickserv info
 /msg nickserv info NICKNAME
 /msg nickserv info =ONLINENICK


 /msg nickserv info
   Shows information about your own account.
 /msg nickserv info w00t
   Shows information about the registered nick w00t.
 /msg nickserv info =w00tie[home]
   Shows information about the registered nick the user w00tie[home] is logged in as.


How do I get a .users.omerta host?

Everyone who registered their nickname will get a .users.omerta-host when they log into their NickServ-account.

Why does my .users.omerta host look weird?

Nicknames with special characters, like `, |, [, ], ^, ` and _. will have an altered .users.omerta-host. Normally, the host will be NICK.users.omerta with NICK being the accountname. Accountnames that contain anything other than letters, digits and -, will have hosts with the special characters removed and a unique number attached instead.


If you register GIJOE, your host will be GIJOE.users.omerta.

If you however register GJ[JOE], your host will become GIJOE-3536.users.omerta.

Can I change my .users.omerta host?

Short answer: No.
The only way to change your host is by registering a new account. You will however not be able to transfer access between the accounts.


Help! Someone has taken my nick!

If someone is using your nick, you can use the GHOST-command to disconnect that user.


 /msg nickserv ghost NICK PASSWORD (if you are not logged in)
 /msg nickserv ghost NICK (if you are already logged in)


 /msg nickserv ghost GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe
 /msg nickserv ghost GIJoe

To stop people from taking your nick, you can type </code>/msg nickserv set enforce on</code>.
When Enforce is set, anyone using your nick will have 30 seconds to log in. If they fail to do so, their nick will be changed into a Guest-nick and your nickname will be locked for 10 minutes.
You can unlock your nickname and regain it with the REGAIN-command.


 /msg nickserv regain NICKNAME PASSWORD (when you are not logged in)
 /msg nickserv regain NICKNAME (when you are already logged in)


 /msg nickserv regain GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe
 /msg nickserv regain GIJoe

I can't use my nick, but nobody is using it!

You most likely have turned on enforce, which locks your nickname for 10 minutes if someone using it does not login within 30 seconds. You can unlock your nickname and regain it with the REGAIN-command.


 /msg nickserv regain NICKNAME PASSWORD (when you are not logged in)
 /msg nickserv regain NICKNAME (when you are already logged in)


 /msg nickserv regain GIJoe I<3C00ki3SWch0co1aTe
 /msg nickserv regain GIJoe

What settings are available for my NickServ-account?

To see a list of available settings, see NickServ Commands: SET or type /msg nickserv help set.

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