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Safety Guide

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The aim of this page is to help all users keep their accounts and information safe from hackers. By following these guidelines, we aim to make a safer Omerta.

Use a STRONG password

A password made up of at least 8 characters, including letters and numbers is very hard to guess. Using your name or your birthdate for your password for example, is a bad practice.

Never EVER give out your password

Omerta Crew receives many complaints every day of of users who had a friend that knew his password and then hacked into his account, messed around and even changed the password! What can we do in these cases? Nothing! Therefore never provide your password to anyone! The same goes for your email account password!

Official Crew

Omerta Crew often hear about other users pretending to be crew and sending messages asking for people to reply with their account password in X minutes for some reason or other, often promising a prize of money or other items. This is completely false!. No one from crew will ever ask you for your password!

A way to identify official crew is to look for this image on the top right of their profile (NOWHERE else):


On IRC, all crew are opped (@) or halfopped (%) in an OFFICIAL channel, such as #help. ALL OTHERS ARE FAKE.

Do not put your password on websites that look like Omerta

There are also many reports of websites that are similar to Omerta, or that ask for your login combination for Omerta, never submit your username or password there!
The only official Omerta sites are:

Shared Computers

If you are using a shared computer, such as one at a library, school or other public place - or a friend's computer, and you are asked to save your password - do NOT do this. Only do this when you are using a computer which only you will use. Otherwise, anybody may log in to your account!

Final Note

If by mistake you've already provided your password to someone or you have doubts concerning your password's security then CHANGE IT, as soon as possible!
Sharing your password WILL be seen as Accountshare!

Virus scanner and Anti spyware

Take some time at least once a week to scan your computer for things that might do you harm.
Everyone thinks they are safe, but, YOU ARE NOT! Internet is not a "safe place".

We do not revive in any case! So it might be useful to make sure you do everything you can to prevent a hack.

Use the Ticket System or the help channel on IRC should you need help!

Have fun!