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Votes & Affiliates

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The Votes & Affiliates page has three sections:

Vote for Omerta

Here you can vote for Omerta on many MMORPG voting sites.

You can only vote for Omerta on each listing once per day, each time you vote for Omerta we will award you one ticket in the Omerta Super lottery.

You only will receive a lottery ticket if you are pickpocket or higher.

Don't waste your energy voting more than once - this does NOT work!

If you vote for Omerta on EVERY site, we will reward you with extra tickets.

So: if you vote on all 23 sites then we will give you 2 extra lottery tickets.

Omerta Super lottery draw is once a week.

If one of your tickets wins a prize in the special lottery you will be informed by an ingame personal message.

This is the list of the prices in the Omerta Super Lottery:

  • The jackpot: $1.000.000 + Mercedes-Benz W25 Avus Streamliner (0% damage) + 50 Random Cars +1000 bullets
  • $500.000 + Mercedes-Benz W125 (0% damage) + 25 Random Cars + 500 Bullets
  • $250.000 + Mercedes-Benz W25 (0% damage) + 10 Random Cars + 250 Bullets
  • 25 Random Cars
  • 10 Random Cars
  • 5 Random Cars
  • 1000 bullets
  • 500 bullets
  • 100 bullets
  • 1 Random car, $50 and 10 Bullets!

Omerta Affiliates

A list of Omerta's Affiliates, Please check some of them out.

Note.png Omerta Affiliate scheme is not a paid membership scheme, these are simply sites which co-promote Omerta in a friendly manor.