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Warn Freeze Kill

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To give responds to the call of players who want us to act harder on cheaters we are from now on going to do this;

Note.png Omerta logs everyone out after 20 minutes of inactivity and NOBODY should use programs and scripts which keep you logged in regardlessly.

If we suspect that an account which is online is not being played by a person we will do the following:

  • Warn to come to IRC (using a PM)
  • Wait 10 minutes
  • Freeze the account.

Then the player gets 30 mins time to come and see us.

If the player is late:

  • The 1st time NOTHING HAPPENS. And when the player arrives we will unfreeze the account!
  • The 2nd time this happens we wait until the player arrives and then the account stays frozen for an extra 12 hours!
  • The 3rd time this happens, the player will get a 10% RP for every extra hour taken to come to IRC.
  • The 4th time this happens we will akill the account.

We think that mass dupe accounts will really struggle to come to IRC 200 times within 30 minutes and we think that ordinary players won't have much of a problem.
Anyone can use IRC and if you *really cannot* we will probably still discuss the situation with you so that we don't end up busting innocent people.