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Welcome to the Omerta IRC Wiki. We hope you will find everything you want to know about IRC Here.
Before connecting to our network, we recommend you to read our Network Rules first.

If you are new to IRC, you can read our Quick Start Guide to help you get connected and learn the basics of chatting.
Are you already familiar with IRC but just need an IRC Client? Then check out our list with IRC Clients.

Should you have any more questions about IRC, please feel free to visit us at #help.irc or #help.irc.tr (TR) on the Omerta IRC Network or mail us at .
We also a have scripting helpchannel: #feds.scripting. Here you can ask all your questions related to writing scripts (e.g. mIRC-scripts, PHP, ...). (Note: These are not rankscripts!)

We hope you enjoy your time on our network.

Omerta IRC Network

  • Email:
  • IRC Help: #help.irc, #help.irc.tr
  • Scripting Help: #feds.scripting

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Found a mistake? Interested in helping out or do you just have suggestions to improve the IRCwiki? Then tell us in #omerta.wiki, talk to TheCainer or Koeiekop or Fazconi or mail us at .